wi-fi and ethernet enabled controller with 4 sensor inputs, 8 outputs and built in antennas

The watering schedule adjusts automatically based on past, current and forecasted weather conditions.

Multiple controllers can be chained to enable additional outputs



Save water like never before with Weather Clairvoyance. Unlike other systems, Watertroll checks the weather forecast and plans accordingly! Of course, standard rain sensors are supported as well.


Extend Watertroll

Do you go above and beyond with your garden? Watertroll is for you. You can extend the system to control any automated garden you can dream up.

Extend your imagination

Watertroll is so easy, you can even use it to control a water fountain or decorative lighting.

Hack it

Watertroll has an easy-to-use web service, so it's easy to control Watertroll from the programming language of your choice. Our customers find Watertroll exceeds our competitors in flexibility. Get exactly what you want with Watertroll.


Other things

  • Web connectivity: Wifi B/G/N or wired 100Mbps Ethernet
  • Usage statistics and temperature, humidity, wind historical graphs available for XXXX days.
  • 7 day forecast weather data is available
  • System connectivity: standard 24VAC wiring for sprinkler systems
  • Power requirements: 110VAC, max 1A


Say Hi

Richmond Hill, ON



Everything you need to know is available to you from your computer or from a mobile phone, and presented in beautiful charts and figures. It's easy and fun to check in when you're away. Watetroll uses advanced technologies to detect leaks and other problems. Watertroll will alert you so you can fix a problem before it gets out of control.



Totally flexible scheduling works around your schedule. It can even schedule watering to comply with watering restrictions. You can use our mobile interface to make changes from anywhere in the world. We thought you'd like that.



Watertroll is the world's simplest and most flexible garden control system. Our systems are built to work optimally for years, yet are still simple enough for anyone to enjoy.

Whether it's a back yard, vegetable patch, vineyard or indoor hydroponics, our customers rely on us.

wi-fi controller top front, sensor and  output connectors, antennas and ethernet connectors